Quad bikes & Cocktails

At the beginning of July I went to Corfu with my sister, Gemma and friend, Juliet; it was fab.

The coach journey from the airport to the hotel seemed like it took FOREVER but I think that’s mainly because it was quite late. We didn’t end up getting to the hotel until about 12.30am and I was knackered. When we got there we were greeted by the owners of the hotel, Kostas and Katerina, who showed us to our room. They were really friendly and the main reason I had chosen this hotel was because all the reviews had said they were really nice.

Anyway, we went into our room and we were a little disappointed as it was pretty small; there wasn’t much space to put our stuff. We decided we would ask if they had a spare room we could pay for the next day to give us a bit more space but unfortunately when we asked they didn’t have anything available as they were fully booked.

The first thing we decided to do that morning was to walk into town and see if we could hire some quad bikes, so we set off down the road in the blazing sunshine. We were walking for about 15/20 minutes when we saw a shop that was advertising car hire and things so we asked if they did quad bikes which luckily they did. If I remember correctly it cost about €130 for the quad bike for the week. Me and Gemma decided we would share one as I was a bit worried about her driving on a foreign road as she had only recently passed her driving test. To get to the quad bikes we were driven from the hire shop to the main office which was in Rhoda. When we got there we practised driving the quad bikes round a little course for 10 minutes or so.

We went and filled the bikes up with fuel (cost about €12 for a full tank) and then we drove round the mountains and to the local supermarket to pick up some supplies. I was a bit nervous driving the bike as I was worried I’d hit something and fall off but luckily I was fine!

That night we decided to go for dinner in Sidari which was the main town where the restaurants and bars were located. We went to Madison’s which was a beach front bar/grill restaurant and the food was great; the cocktails were even better!

The next day Gemma had decided she’d had enough of sharing a quad bike and wanted her own so we drove back to Rhoda and got her one. I wasn’t too happy as I knew that if anything happened to her my mum would kill me! That night we were driving the quads to Rhoda to spend the evening and as I rounded the corner on a hill I saw Gemma lying in a bramble bush. She had fallen off her bike and was in a ditch with the bike next to her. I stopped,  jumped off mine and hauled her out of the bush. I tried to yank the bike up but it was clear it wasn’t going anywhere! Luckily a man stopped to help. He was struggling to get the bike back onto the road so flagged down two more men who, between the three of them, managed to get us back up onto the road. Luckily Gemma wasn’t hurt too badly; just covered in scratches from all of the brambles!

That night as we were leaving to get back to the hotel I went to start my bike and nothing; it would not start no matter what I tried so Gemma and I had to share a bike home and we planned to sort it out in the morning.

In the morning we called the quad bike shop and they asked us to show them where it was so we drove them to it. The engineer went to the bike and guess what? It started first time, it was so embarrassing! Unfortunately we did have quite a bit of trouble with the bikes as they did cut out and stop working quite a lot over the course of the week so next time I think we will get them from somewhere else.

Most evenings we went into Sidari for dinner and drinks- everything was so cheap! Most bars would give you an offer of a free shot with a cocktail and things like that. We did manage to get two free shots out of the staff most of the time. The bars were good but they were all quite empty which kinda put me off from dancing. If you fancy a cheap holiday though I would 100% recommend Corfu. It really is a beautiful place and if you hire quads you can go wherever you fancy.

Without a doubt, my favourite place we went to was a bar/restaurant called seventh heaven which was located on the cliff top of Logas Beach looking down onto the sea. The views from the bar were breathtaking and it was a really calm and serene place. They had a few swings you could sit on and enjoy the views but unfortunately we never got a chance to have a go as they always already had people on them. There were also a couple of hammocks where you could relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

We booked an excursion for shopping in Corfu town for one evening which was good. We got picked up by a luxury minibus (literally the nicest minibus I’ve ever been in) and were driven to Corfu town. It took quite a while to get there but only cost us €7 each! When we were there we wandered around the market style shops which sold all sorts of things from food and alcohol to clothes and souvenirs. It was a really lovely place and an enjoyable evening out and a must see for anyone visiting Corfu.

Most nights when we got back from Sidari (cost €5 for a taxi back to the hotel) Kostas and Katerina would still be up with a couple of the other hotel guests and that meant one thing. Free shots and lots of them! Although the hotel wasn’t the best, I cannot flaw Kostas and Katerina’s hospitality. They were friendly, helpful and generous and I plan on going back next year!










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