Yesterday Austin and I decided to go to London for the day. The first plan was to go to Covent Garden for a bit of shopping and to visit the Magnum pleasure store however, we ended up going to London Bridge and walked round to Borough Market first.

The smell coming from the market was amazing but unfortunately it was rammed. It was so packed I could barely move and I started to get a bit panicky. We didn’t spend long there but we did buy some macaroons (I had one earlier and it was lovely).

We left the market and decided to walk to Covent Garden. Again, there were people everywhere and they kept getting in my way which was driving me mad and to be honest I was getting really fed up. We ended up having lunch at Nandos which was lovely. It was the nicest Nandos I’ve been to anyway!

After lunch we continued walking along the Thames and we eventually got to Covent Garden. Nothing could have prepared me for how busy it was! The queue to get into the Magnum pleasure store was ridiculous so we didn’t even bother to try and get one.

We were going to walk to a comic book shop but by this point my feet were throbbing from walking round all day so we decided it was time to go.

Austin and I ended up having a race home where I went from Leicester Square and he went from Charing Cross. The tube was disgusting. Literally felt like I was being boiled alive whilst crammed next to random smelly people! I did, however, win the race which cheered me up as Austin couldn’t get a direct train back from Charing Cross so it took him ages to get home. Haha.

We are going to go to London again soon to try and do the things we had originally planned so hopefully next time it won’t be so hectic!

image image image image image image

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