Birthday Wishlist

As it’s my birthday in just under a month (nearly 24-scary!) I thought I would put together a little wishlist of the things I’d like to treat myself to should I get any birthday money.

The first thing I would LOVE is a new pair of Vans as mine are getting quite old and worn now; I’ve had them for years.

When I found out that Vans were releasing a Disney collaboration I was over the moon; two of my favourite things in one!  Vans are my favourite shoes as they have so many different colours and patterns. There is literally something for everyone. They add a bit of an edge to an outfit that might otherwise be a bit plain and boring. The fact that they are extremely comfy is a huge bonus as I am always comfort driven when it comes to shoes. If something makes my feet hurt you can guarantee that I will be miserable. I have been wearing Vans since I was about 13/14, the period of my life where I thought it was a good idea to dye my hair black and wear odd shoes.. Luckily I have grown out of that.


The pairs I like most from the Vans/Disney collaboration are the Princess Jasmine ones (above) which are available from Asos and the Disney Villains pair (below) which I am 99% sure are a Schuh exclusive. I guess I am most drawn to the Princess Jasmine pair as I adore the purple and blue colours despite the fact that I have a certain soft spot for Disney villains; there’s just something about them I love.

Disney villain vans

I would wear either pair with some leggings, a plain white tee and a denim shirt or with a slouchy black dress, a statement necklace and some silver rings. I normally dress quite casually so I would definitely get a lot of use out of these!

I don’t know much longer I can resist the temptation to buy a pair so watch this space!

image image

Something I have been lusting over for a long time is a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. I had a polaroid as a kid and I adored it. I was always taking pictures with my friends and I love looking back at the physical pictures as opposed to only ever seeing them on a iPhone screen. It makes me all nostalgic!

My sister has one of these in yellow; I was instantly jealous when she got one of these as a present. I love the vintage kinda look that the camera has got and the fact it comes in pastel colours makes it even better. The pictures are really high quality and the camera itself is the perfect size to just shove in your bag on a day out. It is also quite light so doesn’t feel like you’re lugging around a deadweight all day; great for if you’re going on a long day trip.

The pictures come out around half the size of a standard polaroid picture; just the right size to stick in the frame of your dressing table mirror or to make a little collage with. I was having a hard time deciding which colour I liked the most but I finally settled on the baby blue. It was tough choice between that and raspberry!

The film is quite expensive for the camera; I think it’s around £20 for 2 films which take 10 photos each so if I do get one it’s not something I’ll use all the time; it will have to be saved for special occasions.

I was recently browsing Boohoo and I came across these:

image image

Ok, my wardrobe is fit to burst but a girl can never have too many clothes right?! They would be an investment (I’ve managed to convince myself) as I don’t have a lot of trousers (apart from jeans I have one pair..) nor do I own a maxi skirt and I just can’t resist these two. I am trying to make more of an effort to wear things like trousers as they are outside of my comfort zone and these would be perfect as they’re not so far out of it that I’d feel self conscious.

The trousers look like they’d be super comfy and definitely something I could get away with wearing to work which is always a positive. I would style them with a black slouchy top, silver coin statement necklace and messy bun (to be fair my hair is normally in a bun, mainly because I am really lazy when it comes to my hair). With the skirt I think I would dress this down with an oversized white tee tucked in and some plain, low top converse. Again I would probably chuck on a statement necklace to give the outfit a bit of an edge. As I dress quite casually I tend to wear a big/colourful necklace to add a little something to my look.

I think I will probably give in and get these regardless of whether I get any birthday money or not as they’re pretty reasonably priced with the skirt being around £12 and the trousers £15.

My friend recently introduced me to Dunelm; a homeware store that has the cutest little bits & bobs. When I (finally) move out I will 100% be getting the majority of my stuff from here as it’s really reasonably priced. I was having a browse and this little trinket box caught my eye:


There is nothing about it that I don’t like; I love the colour, the bird, the style, everything. It would be perfect to store my hair bands/bobby pins in or maybe my ring collection as I am currently keeping the rings on a little cat holder which will soon run out of space. This box is only £7.99 which I think is really cheap for what it is. I have seen similar items on other websites for around £20 so this would deffo be a bargain.

So hopefully I’ll get some birthday money to buy these beauties with but if not; there is always next pay day!


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