Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette

Having been so pleased with the Vivid Baked Highlighter from Makeup Revolution I was really excited when I saw their highlighter palette in Superdrug.


I quite like the metallic packaging that the palette comes in but in my excitement to try it out the box got ripped and I had to throw it away. The palette itself is packaged in the same black case/box that all Makeup Revolution palettes come in; it’s a bit plain and boring but isn’t a major thing.


Inside the palette there are three different highlighters; One is a yellow shade which looks quite similar to my MUA highlighter in Iridescent Gold, the middle is a peachy kinda colour and then the last one is more pinky/purple. On first impressions I wasn’t too impressed with these as don’t look like my other highlighters, they’re not as shimmery as I would have expected.


As you can see from the below swatch they’re really not that pigmented; a complete contrast to my MUA highlighters.


To get any sort of payaway with these you need to apply quite a lot of the product as it takes a hell of a lot to build up any sort of noticeable highlight which isn’t ideal. Also, I noticed that when you’re applying the product if you are blending with your fingers this can make the product almost disappear. The highlighters left my skin feeling quite dry which could be a result of having to use so much. Overall I’m pretty disappointed with this palette especially as I had such high expectations which were based on how good the Vivid Baked Highlighter was.

Saying that though; these might be perfect for someone who likes something a bit more subtle or hasn’t really tried out highlighting yet as it’s quite difficult to go OTT with these. You can get the palette here and it’s only £8 which is pretty good seeing as you are basically getting three products. I would however stick to their individual highlighters; my favourite is peach lights and you can get it here for £3.

Have any of you guys tried this palette? If you have please let me know how you found it in the comments below!

Zoe x

4 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette

    1. zoeanne

      If you’re looking for something a bit more bold I would definitley recommend the individual vivid baked highlighters that makeup revolution do-they’re much better x


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