Barry M- Aquarium Collection

As we all know, the ‘mermaid’ trend has been huge this summer with holographic and two tone accessories & clothing popping up everywhere. I am a bit behind the times as I haven’t really indulged in this trend so far this year but this has now all changed.

On a recent trip to Boots I spotted the Barry M Aquarium Collection and I just couldn’t resist picking up a couple of shades. I absolutely adore Barry M Nail Paint anyway; it’s the brand that makes up the majority of my nail varnish collection and who could resist the shiny, two tone polishes that the Aquarium Collection has to offer?! The collection is the perfect way to embrace the mermaid trend if you’re not keen on going all out and having a full on shiny, holographic outfit (we all know it takes a certain kind of person to pull that off!).

The two colours I picked up are Pacific 523 and Persian 452. I haven’t yet tried out Persian 452 but I’ll let you guys know what I think once I have.

Pacific 523 is a gorgeous greeny/blue shade and I absolutely love it. In some lights it shines dark blue, others light green and it also sometimes looks like a kinda sea green. All of this with an added touch of sparkle! As I’ve mentioned in previous posts; I tend to dress quite causally and I lean more towards dark/neutral colours so I love to add something extra with jewellery or colourful nails (sometimes both!) which is what makes this colour perfect for me.


Not only am I impressed with the colour, I am also really pleased with the quality of the nail varnish. I’ve had my nails this colour for about 6 days now and I only have a couple of minor chips. With most brands my nails will chip within a day; Barry M is one of the few that I’ve found which last at least 5 days without any chips.

Barry M always manage to nail it (excuse the pun) when it comes to high quality, affordable nail varnishes and they will forever be my favourite varnish brand. I don’t think I’ve come across a single polish from them that I haven’t liked and I’m 100% sure that my nail paint collection will continue to grow.

Barry M Nail Paint is usually around £2.99-£3.99 and the limited edition/special collections tend to be the slightly higher price. Superdrug regularly have offers on such as 3 for 2 or a free Nail Paint when you spend over a certain amount on Barry M so whatever happens you’re always getting a bargain.

5 thoughts on “Barry M- Aquarium Collection

  1. becky

    Just added this to my list of things I want to buy, AH it’s GORGEOUS! I love Barry M, I have a few of their nail varnishes and I think the colour range is stunning!
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky


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