Makeup Revolution Brushes

Ok, I admit it. I am guilty of using my hands to apply my make up; mainly because I’m lazy but also because I had never got round to buying any brushes. I was buying a few bits from Makeup Revolution and having a browse when I saw that they sold brushes. I scrolled through and decided on getting these five:


L-R: FOC01 Pro Curve Blusher & Highlighter Brush, F105 Pro Contour Brush, F103 Pro Stippling Brush, F102 Pro Concealer Brush and E104 Pro Eyebrow Brush.

On first impressions I was really pleased with how these brushes looked; especially the Pro Curve Blusher & Highlighter Brush. I love the rose gold finish around the top of the brush and it makes it look a lot more expensive than it was. This brush is the perfect shape for strobing and it certainly beats trying to do it with my finger. It has the perfect angle to run along your cheekbones and down your nose making it so easy to apply and blend highlighter.

The FOC01 was the most expensive brush I got, priced at £4.99, the cheapest being the E104 at £1.99 which is really cheap seeing as brushes can cost a fortune. As I haven’t really used brushes before I didn’t want to spend a lot which is why Makeup Revolution was the perfect place to get myself some. I always think of cheap, reasonable quality products when it comes to Makeup Revolution and these brushes are no different.

The bristles on the brushes are really soft and feel nice to use. They’re also quite sturdy. My least favourite brush is probably the stippling brush as it takes me way too long to apply my base but then that is probably just me being impatient!

I use the brushes pretty much every day and I love them. They are perfect for people like myself who don’t have loads of money to spend and are ideal for getting to grips with using brushes. Once again Makeup Revolution have failed to disappoint and they continue to be my go-to brand for good quality products at a great price.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution brushes? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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