Soap and Glory | Beauty Sleep Accelerator

In the last few years I have suffered from extremely dry skin. I never really bothered to do much about it, just tended to smother E45 cream on and hope for the best. In all honesty, E45 cream has never helped with my dry skin and so I don’t know why I stuck with it for so long! After finally deciding that I needed to do something about my skin I had a browse on Boots.

I came across this night time moisturiser by one of my favourite brands, Soap and Glory.


It is described as being a ‘night & flight’ cream, perfect for applying before bedtime or a long haul flight. It says that it is suitable for all skin types; I have sensitive skin and this has been fine on me, it hasn’t made my skin flare up or anything which is great. The formula is quite thick which is what I would look for in an overnight moisturiser. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy (which is always a bonus) and it seems to sink in quite easily.


Beauty Sleep Accelerator smells absolutely divine; I think it smells like apricot yoghurt and it does smell good enough to eat. It probably wouldn’t taste very nice though!

Once I’ve removed my make up for the day I apply the moisturiser right before I go to bed and leave it to work its magic. Since using the cream I have seen a definite improvement to my skin and it’s definitely less dry than it originally was.

You can get Beauty Sleep Accelerator from Boots and it is priced at £8.67 for 45ml which is a bargain!

Do you have a favourite moisturiser? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Soap and Glory | Beauty Sleep Accelerator

  1. charlottesid1

    I haven’t heard of this product before, I have a Boots gift card from my birthday and I’ve been waiting for the perfect thing to buy, it sounds like this is it! 🙂 love your disruption of apricot yoghurt. Thanks for posting! Loved reading it 🙂 xxx


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