My Blogging Goals

I know I have only been blogging a couple of months but it’s weird how quickly you fall into the routine of dedicating your weekends to blogging. I feel like over the past couple of weeks I have become really lazy with my blog where I keep putting posts off and thinking ‘oh I’ll do that later’ and then never getting round to it. I know that in order for my blog to be a success I need to put consistent effort in which at the moment, I’m just not doing. To me, a successful blog is one where the creator is 100% happy with the content that they are posting so I thought the ideal way to keep me focused and motivated is to create a little list of goals that I can refer back to as and when I need. Rather than set myself goals that require a date they need to be done by, I thought I’d set myself some ongoing targets.

  1. Post consistently each week. When I first started my blog, I aimed to post every Sunday and Tuesday. So far, I have managed this most of the time but there have been some weeks where I have been a bit lazy and only posted once. Therefore I want to make sure that I post ideally 3 times a week but if I can’t then post at least twice without fail.
  2. Improve my photography. I know my pictures aren’t the best, I’ve never been particularly good at photography and I know that I need to dedicate a bit of time to get better. I’m going to be buying some bits and bobs to use as props in my pictures to make them a bit more interesting as most of my pictures are just taken on my bedroom floor and lets be honest; a wooden floor as a background gets a bit boring!
  3. I am absolutely useless with instagram and I hardly ever post new pictures. I think it’s because I never really know what to take pictures of and like I mentioned above, photography is not my strong point. I’m going to set myself the target of posting at least 3 pictures a week as I know how crucial instagram is in the blogging world. My username is zoeisclueless if you would like to follow me and see if I manage to reach my target of three pictures a week.
  4. Start taking more outfit pictures. Fashion blogs are probably my favourite to read as I love clothes and different styles. I haven’t taken many outfit pictures and this is mainly because I am quite self-conscious due to the fact that I’m definitely not a size 10! I feel like if I start to up my game with outfit posts it will help to build my confidence and it may also help people realise that you don’t have to be slim to have a good sense of style.
  5. Vary the brands I feature on my blog. I am fully aware that I  post a lot about Makeup Revolution and Soap & Glory and it must get a bit monotonous. As much as I love both these brands I feel like I need to mix things up a bit so I am going to try my best to discover new, awesome brands and try to step away from my comfort zones. Don’t get me wrong though, if they bring out more awesome products then I’ll write about them because after all, I want my recommendations to be genuine and I want to feature products that I love.

Do you find it helps you to stay focused if you set yourself goals/targets? Do you have any goals in particular?

Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “My Blogging Goals

  1. ewillsz

    Hey! I just published my first post tonight 🙂 I am looking forward to this new opportunity. As for photography, I usually stick with pictures of nature as it is awe-inspiring all on its own! I think goal setting is a great idea, I should probably employ the same guidelines for myself. Follow me on insta : ewillsz

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  2. taylorjane

    A few days ago I posted a blog checklist that will help improve content if you want to check it out! Blogging really does take over your life. I am a journalist, so I spend all day at work typing on a computer, and then I come home and do the same thing! It can definitely leave you frustrated if you dont set goals!


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