Why I Failed at Blogmas

I was feeling really positive about Blogmas towards the end of November; I had loads of post ideas and I felt determined to actually post every day. I had loads and loads of motivation, along came December and BAM all motivation was gone.

Ive had quite a lot of stuff to think about the last couple of weeks and it has been quite trying for me. Me and my boyfriend of almost two years broke up, it was ultimately my decision and it was for the best but that doesn’t mean it was easy. When you’re used to speaking to someone every day it is weird not speaking to them at all. I’m one of those people who absolutely hate change to their routine and so it has been challenging trying to adapt back to being single and being at home more often.

I don’t always get on well with my family and being at home more means that arguments are more frequent. Add this to the stress of getting sorted for Christmas and you have one demotivated Zoë.

I wont lie and say I haven’t had the time to blog every day because I have but when I’m feeling down it takes a lot out of me and leaves me exhausted. When I’m tired the last thing I feel like doing is writing blog posts and in all honesty if I wrote whilst feeling like this the posts would be crap. My life at the moment is literally work, eat, sleep, repeat and I’m finding it hard to snap out of this hole I appear to be in.

So add all the above together with the fact that I am not feeling Christmassy at all and you have one big Blogmas failure! I am really annoyed at myself especially because a few weeks ago I set myself some goals that I was hoping I would be able to achieve and here I am a short while later having not posted for over a week. I’m trying not to be too hard on myself but it is hard.

Im going to try not to worry too much about not posting consistently for the rest of the year and come January I’m going to give my blog my all.

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