My 2015

I guess I am one of those people that is guilty of focusing on the negative things that happen in their lives and I tend to forget about all the good things that have happened. I decided that in order to  be a happier person I needed to start focusing on the good things that have happened to me and once I began to think like that I started to see that the highs of 2015 definitely out weighed the lows. I wanted to write a post that focuses on the good so that I can look back and remind myself of the awesome experiences I have had.

I feel like I have achieved a lot in the past year and I have done some incredible things. I’ve been zip wiring over a forest in Mexico, quad biking around the hills of Corfu, driving amphibious vehicles through caves, snorkelling with sea turtles; I even went on a pirate boat party which was awesome.

Having been to Corfu and Mexico this year I have decided that I want to travel more. In 2016 I am planning on going to Rome with my best friend Jodie, I would like to visit New York again (the last time I went I was about 14) and I’d also love to go back to Corfu.

In July I finally took the plunge and started a blog. When I first started I had no idea how much blogging would eventually consume me. My perspective has completely changed and now when I go shopping for make up I immediately think “oooh I can blog about this!”. I also feel like blogging is the worst enabler ever as I can always justify buying something new as I can feature it on here! My relationship with blogging has been a bit up and down; I’ve felt frustrated, demotivated and at times I’ve felt like giving up. Despite this I have managed to keep going and I’m glad I have. There is something really exciting about seeing people comment on your posts and appreciating the hard work you have put in. One thing that has completely shocked me about blogging is how nice and supportive other bloggers can be. They’re always willing to provide advice and help you when you’re feeling a bit crap; I don’t think I’d have carried on had it not been for the positivity of others.

In October I attended my first blog related event; it was nerve wracking and scary but so much fun! I got my nails done and was given loads of samples which was lovely. I felt really proud of myself for attending as I had originally been invited to an event earlier on in the month but I had gotten way too nervous to even consider going. I feel like having attended the event at Sorbet Salon I have gained a bit of confidence in myself and hopefully I won’t be put off attending events in the future.

December has probably been the most up and down month for me. I started off feeling so positive about everything; I was planning on doing blogmas, I was excited for Christmas and I was going to go to Harry Potter studios, something I’ve wanted to do since it opened. Towards the beginning of the month I ended my relationship of almost two years and I sunk into a bit of a slump. I couldn’t be bothered to blog, I had no motivation to do anything. I had time to write blog posts but I just couldn’t face making myself write when I was feeling crap. It took me quite a while to snap out of this mood and in all honesty I’m not completely out of it but I’m getting there.

So for the positive things that happened; I had a Christmas gathering with my friends which helped to cheer me up; we basically played ridiculous games and stuffed our faces. It was hilarious. I don’t see all of my friends too often so I really appreciate my time with them when we do get together. It was fun to just have a day of focusing on messing around and being stupid and it helped me to forget about how crappy I was feeling.

The thing that will probably change my life the most is that I have finally plucked up the courage and signed up to being studying for a degree through the Open University. Having left school I went to college but I didn’t finish; I dropped out half way through my second year as I panicked, didn’t know what to do with my life and I ended up working full time.

In 2013 I decided to go back to college as I wanted to be able to go to uni. I completed a one year access course in Humanities and Social Science as the end goal was to go to uni to study psychology. Despite getting pretty good grades, I panicked again and didn’t go to uni. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to afford to live; some students may laugh at this but I’m used to working full time and earning quite a good wage; to go from that to the uncertainty of relying on a loan which wouldn’t even cover my rent, was terrifying.

I have been toying with the idea of studying through the open uni for a while now; I intended to sign up this September but then I realised I had missed the deadline by two days. It was only when I was recently discussing education with someone I know that I decided to take the plunge. All they said to me was ‘knowledge is power’ and it’s like something finally clicked in my brain. So, as of February I will be a part time Forensic Psychology student and I honestly could not be more excited to start! I am determined to succeed and finally get the degree I have wanted for so long.

Overall I’ve had an incredible year full of high points and despite the lows I wouldn’t change anything, even if I could. I’ve finally realised that it’s time to focus on myself and what I want from life. I know there will be days when I want to just give up but determination will hopefully pull me through. 2016, let’s do this.





3 thoughts on “My 2015

  1. Shannon Sage

    I just started my blog a month ago and totally feel the way you felt! Some days I just want to quit so it’s nice to see a positive outcome for you! I know I have to just keep working at it! I’m glad you went to the blogging event! I would love to go to one but I’m too nervous as well! Hopefully one day!!

    Shannon Sage


    1. zoeanne

      I think we all just assume that blogging is really easy and then when you begin you start to realise how hard and draining it actually is! Hopefully you’ll get over your slump 🙂 I would just say keep at it and you’ll get where you want to be dx


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