Freedom Professional London Haul

I have had my eye on a few Freedom Professional London bits for a while now and for some reason I just never got round to buying them. I was getting a few bits from Superdrug the other day anyway so it would have been silly not to get the things I had had my eye on. Freedom also had an offer on which was spend £15 or more on their products and get a free eyeshadow palette so I had to!


I quite like the sleek, black packaging of Freedom products; the cases on the palettes seem quite sturdy which puts my mind at rest a little as I do tend to worry about makeup getting damaged. Probably a bit too much but hey, I’m a weirdo! The simplistic, white writing combined with the plain black packaging makes the products, in my opinion, look a lot more expensive that they are.

The item that immediately caught my eye was the Pro Creme and Highlight Palette mainly because I was intrigued by the cool, grey tones. Having swatched the palette I am so excited to use it! The texture of the creme highlighters is fab, they feel really smooth and light. As I haven’t actually used the palette yet I can’t tell you what it looks like on but I can tell from the swatches that all of the shades are well pigmented; hopefully it’ll live up to expectations when I wear it tonight. In the lid of the palette there is a huge mirror which I love. It’s perfect for using to apply your makeup on the go and the product itself isn’t that huge in total so would fit in your bag quite easily. The palette cost £6.00 which I think is amazing value for the amount of shades you get.


*UPDATE* I used the silver highlighter on a night out and I really liked it. I think some people may struggle with it a bit as it is pretty in your face but it’s definitely something I’d recommend for someone wanting a bold look!

I also picked up the Freedom Now Lipstick Collection which is a box of five lipsticks for £5- amazing value for money!  The texture of the lipsticks feels really nice on the lips; it’s smooth and creamy and doesn’t really feel like you’re wearing anything which is great. I haven’t worn these for a prolonged amount of time so can’t say what the staying power is like but to be fair, for £5, anything is better than nothing! I really like that the red and pink shades are quite shiny; most of the lip products I own are matte so it’s nice to mix things up a little. My favourite shades though are probably the nude ones as I am a sucker for more neutral, understated lips at the moment. They’re easy to wear and perfect for everyday use.




The last thing I decided to get was the Freedom Studio Priming Water. I have heard so many people raving about priming water and as I haven’t used one before I decided on getting one that was at the cheaper end of the spectrum and this was £6.oo. It is described as ‘a stunning lightweight primer, providing the perfect base underneath your makeup or on top for extra highlighting.’. Again, not something I have used yet but I can’t wait to see how I get on with it!

As I spent over £15 I got the Freedom Pro 32 Innocent Collection for free. I absolutely adore the shades in this palette; they look like the perfect colours for everyday use. I am a huge fan of neutral browns and tend to use them more often than any other colour so this is literally my ideal palette! Having swatched a couple of the shades, I’m not too sure about the pigmentation but I’m sure that using a primer will help to make them stronger and anyway, I can’t really complain seeing as I didn’t pay for the palette!

Have you guys tried anything from Freedom Professional London yet? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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