My Fitness Journey | Week 3

I am starting to feel like I am failing at this whole healthy eating/fitness thing. Last week wasn’t that great (read here) and this week hasn’t been any better. If anything it has been worse which is a bit annoying but not the end of the world I suppose. I only ended up going to the gym once even though I had intended to go twice as well as going to Insanity.

I didn’t end up up going to Insanity this week as I had only got two hours sleep the night before. I could barely stand by the time work was over never mind put myself through 45 minutes of intense exercise.

My eating hasn’t really been any better either as I have felt a bit shitty so I haven’t really been particularly strict with myself. Feeling a bit crap combined with a lack of sleep has meant that I have been really lazy and have given in and gotten a take away this week. I had a chicken kebab which isn’t too bad I suppose. At least I didn’t end up eating a massive pizza! I also went out drinking Saturday night so that won’t have helped with the weight loss.

I did however lose 1lb this week so I suppose I’m doing something right?! I have now lost a total of 11bs which I’m pleased about; three more to go and I’ve lost a stone. I am however a bit worried that I will have put on this weekend as I have been a bit naughty and apart from dancing on Saturday night I haven’t moved much. That’s what weekends are for though, right?!

My plan for next week is to be really strict with myself. I am going to stick to having porridge for breakfast, either soup or chicken & salad for lunch and then something Quorn based for dinner each night. I know I seem to say this every week (and have failed so far) but I really want to make sure I stick to everything this week. I need to really, there is no point doing something half-arsed as I’m going to struggle to get the results I want.

I have a body pump class booked for Tuesday and I will probably end up going to Insanity on Thursday although I am a bit dubious as the usual instructor is on holiday so it’ll be someone else taking the class. I’m not sure why but that makes me feel a bit uneasy; mainly because the instructor that usually takes the class is really encouraging and helpful. I just don’t want to go to a class and be yelled at so hopefully the replacement instructor will take it easy on me!



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