Weight Loss Update

It seems like forever since I’ve written an update on weight loss, it’s mainly because it’s not something that I have been that focused on really. My motivation for the gym/dieting has completely slipped and I haven’t been exercising all that regularly which I’m quite disappointed in myself about. I’ve been going to Body Pump on and off over the last couple of weeks; I mainly haven’t gone because I have been busy doing other things such as getting tattooed. The class is on a Tuesday and the day I tend to get tattooed is also a Tuesday (and the same time of day) so I have missed a few sessions but whenever I don’t have something planned I’ve been booking the class so that I know I’ll go. At my gym if you don’t show up to a pre-booked class you get charged so I’ve got to go otherwise I’ll be out of pocket.

My eating habits haven’t been particularly great either although now Steven has moved out and I’m spending more time at his,I have been eating less junk. A typical dinner for us will be some form of chicken with potatoes and some fresh veg or salad which is better than what I would normally have. I’ve also been taking salad to work for lunch which hasn’t really been deliberate; it’s just quick and easy to chuck together the night before.

I went to my friend’s house yesterday for a night of cheese and talking shit and for some reason I thought it was a brilliant idea to weigh myself at around 8pm. I had a feeling that I would have put on all the weight I had lost previously as I knew I hadn’t really been focused so I was in utter shock when the scales told me that I am now the lowest weight I have been for at least two years. I don’t know how I’ve managed it but somehow, I have continued to lose weight despite not really trying which has spurred me on to try and lose a bit more. I’m far from my ideal weight but I am pretty damn pleased with myself for having lost without making any drastic changes.

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